Thursday, May 23, 2013

downtown charm // rusted poppy inn

I love going downtown, especially when it is spring & summer time! There are flowers blooming everywhere
 & the streets are lined with big, green trees! Also, there are so many beautiful old homes, with so much charm. 
Every time I see those old houses I always imagine what they look like inside...
And of course I daydream about owning one myself!! 
Well, last weekend I was able to tour a gorgeous Victorian home/mansion that was built in 1900!!!
This home has been restored to be a B&B called, The Rusted Poppy.
Each room is filled with beautiful vintage furniture, art & other beautiful pieces.
Also, there is a big beautiful garden in back for guests to enjoy! 
I was actually there for a "garden party"
 with my grandma's church. And it was a very beautiful space with a flowers, a pretty gazebo & a fire pit!
The whole place was so very charming...


  1. Such beauty! Love your photography so have such an eye!!!

  2. these photos are so lovely! I can't capture enough of blooming trees and flowers this time of year!

  3. That B&B is beautiful!