Thursday, May 9, 2013

thankful snapshots (from my birthday week)

Flowers & birthday cupcakes are such happy things!! My sister made me the cupcakes!

My doggie's cute face & dark chocolate truffles (a b-day gift from my grandpa)!!

For my birthday, my family & I drove up to Denver for a Rockies game! 
Of course, I worked on my blanket in the car on the way... It is coming along so nicely!!

 We had so much fun at the game and the Rockies won!!! Of course my favorite thing is just to spend time with my favorite people ever!! I am very thankful for my family & all they did for me for my birthday! I am so incredibly blessed to have them! 

And because I got a Lensbaby for my birthday, I decided to take it to the game for a few fun shots!! I have a whole post to share soon with more Lenbaby photos, that I have recently taken!! I am having so much fun with it!!

And this week, I tried a new recipe with strawberries & lemons, which I will be sharing soon.... Yummy!!!


  1. such lovely photos! the cupcake looks super yummie :)

  2. Aw, happy birthday girlie! It looks like you had so much fun! The lensbaby shots are awesome!

  3. You rock the bangs! It is amazing that you cut them yourself. Always enjoy checking in on your blog..such a mood-lifter:)

  4. oh goodness! I've wanted a lensbaby for so long! lucky you ;)