Monday, May 6, 2013

a little bit of green...

Little pops of green are starting to show up all over the place! So I think I can say that spring has arrived...
 better late than never, I suppose! We had cold/snowy weather last week, on my birthday (May 2nd), which
 honestly made me kind of sad... I had to go out and cover my favorite lilac bush in the yard, to protect
 it from the frost. Usually this lilac bush has the most fragrant, prettiest little purple flowers all over it by my
 birthday, but this year has been different.... Last year the bush was full of blooms in April, and this year, 
I am still waiting for them to arrive... But thankfully these little green leaves are giving me hope!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah :) I am excited for the lilacs to bloom. I saw your photos from last year - absolutely beautiful! They're coming, don't worry :)

  2. The earth is blooming! Yay! Lovely photos, girl!