Monday, June 4, 2012

snapshots from lately...

...stocked up on my favorite yarn from a local yarn shop that is closing. sad.

...went to my favorite candy shop, "taffy's" for their walnut fudge & peppermint taffy.

...broiled parmesan tilapia with grilled asparagus & s'mores for dessert.

...a old favorite floral dress with new sandals.

... grey nails & wearing bright colors.

...cute outdoor seating & having a special treat.



  1. the photos are lovely, thumbs up for instagram! :D

  2. LOVE those sandals!!! Where did you find them?

  3. I like your grey nails, and I LOVE smores! Hooray for summer!

  4. MMM... grilled asparagus is the best!

  5. That dress is so pretty, isn't it fun re-discovering clothes? I just did that with my jewelry! I found so many goodies I haven't worn in like 10 years;)

    mmmmmmmm love me some Dr.Pepper too from time to time, i also love a good old coke.


  6. i love that grey nail polish! i have such fair skin and my husband says i look better in bold colors, so i usually wouldn't pick grey for my nails, but i love love love it!!

    your "lately" looks lovely!!