Tuesday, June 26, 2012

snapshots from my weekend

Every summer, we have a tradition to see the latest Pixar movie at the drive-in. I love it! 
There is something so fun about watching movies outside!
So, we packed the folding chairs & our favorite goodies & went to see Brave...
It isn't my new favorite Pixar movie, but it was cute!
The air has been hazy from the fires that are burning across Colorado right now... This morning, when I woke up I could smell the smoke in the air. Please pray for those who are close to the fires & have had to
be evacuated. 
Also, for the firefighters. The wind & extreme heat do not help at all. WE NEED RAIN!!!!
On Saturday, my family went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner!!
They have the cutest windows!
Also, they have really good food & cute country decor inside!
On Sunday afternoon, my sister & I put our sun hats on & had a little pool party!! We bought the baby pool partly for when this girl comes over & partly for us, when it's 105 degrees outside... Ha! It looks like the temps will be 100+ everyday this week, so resting our feet in the pool will be amazing!
This sunflower is growing in my yard & it's almost as tall as me, even though we have hardly had any rain... Crazy! But it's so pretty with the sunset behind it! :)


  1. aww I wish there was a drive-in near our area! <3

  2. I went to the drive-in over the weekend and also saw Brave. . .crazy how you can be states away from someone and do the same things!! :) I love the photo of the sunflower!! :)

  3. So sad about the fires. Rain is definitely in order! I need to make a trip to the drive-in soon.