Monday, June 18, 2012

life in snapshots...

life in snapshots...
admiring a few pretty daisies.
found a vintage liberty of london scarf for 25 cents at a garage sale. 
finished reading "mere christianity" last week.
thrifted a cute skirt last week, trying out a longer length.
downtown hanging stop lights.
yummy ice cream treat from sonic.
sitting on the side of the rode, my car is in the shop now. sad.
recent nail colors: gold glitter & french pink.
a cute grandpa & great-granddaughter shot from father's day.
when i told her to smile, she made that silly face.

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  1. Beautiful shots, Sarah! Thank you for sharing them! :)

  2. Great photos, Sarah!

    I of course adore the daisies shot. ;)
    That scarf is gorgeous! Great find.
    Sorry to hear about your car.
    And, that skirt looks adorable on you! =)

  3. That skirt is the perfect length! It's hard to find shorts or skirts that don't show off everything.

  4. All these instagram blog posts are making me want an iPhone- or at least a phone that I can get the photos off! Looks lovely, I want to read Mere Christianity next. Zoe x

  5. Great snapshots! That book excerpt is such a good reminder.

  6. LOVE that excerpt from M.C. ahhhhhhhh

    and those nails, the gold, LOVE! so enjoy following along with your life.