Friday, March 16, 2012

dressing for spring...

This week has really started to feel like spring! I am so happy to have the warmer weather & the extra daylight! One of my favorite things about spring arriving is that I get to start wearing spring clothes!! Brighter colors & no winter coat!! YAY!! The trend that I have really loved lately is colored pants! 
I was kind of nervous about trying this out myself, but just yesterday I found the perfect pair of yellow cropped pants!! I love that the yellow is not too bold & I love that they are cropped (instead of skinny jeans, which never fit me right). I am sure I will wear these all spring & summer! 

My necklace is one that I recently made! I am thinking about making some for my shop...

& I have to share this picture of these new bowls that I just got from Target!
They are small, but came in 4 different designs & they are so cute!!
They kind of reminded me of something from Anthropologie, but much cheaper! :)

Happy Weekend!!


  1. i love the yellow capri pants! cute!

  2. Love the outfit! I can't wait until it's warm enough here to wear cropped trousers and flip flops! I'm sure it'll be a few months yet!

  3. you are so adorable!! totally love your blog - cant wait to follow your lovely adventures!

  4. those bowl are from TARGET?! great find!

  5. i think you look great in these pants. and actually, the first thing i noticed in your pics was that fabulous necklace. i love should definitely sell them in your shop!

  6. ooooh i will be anxiously awaiting your necklaces in your shop , it's so pretty and delicate.
    Love your spring outfit, I love not having to wear a winter coat, it's time to lighten up in so many ways!