Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring is here...

Unfortunately, it is chilly & windy outside, but I am still excited because I know that warm weather will be here soon! I always feel like there is so much to be hopeful for during spring! Everything is growing & feels refreshed! There is nothing like seeing little bits of green pop up from the dirt. I planted a few seeds a couple of weeks ago (poppies & daisies)... I sat them in the sunshine & gave them a little water... & now they are growing!! What a simple joy! It is such a beautiful representation of God's faithfulness! He renews all things, He gives life! 

I am so happy spring is here!!


  1. Hooray for spring and seeds growing into little plants!

    I truly hope that the daisies continue to grow well so you can photograph and enjoy them in all their blooms to come!=)

  2. Spring!!! It's chilly by you? I thought everyone was getting this crazy (yet wonderful) heat wave.


  3. Cute lil' seedlings! can't wait to see those poppies.