Thursday, March 8, 2012

photos from this week...

photos from this week...
{1} granny-squares update: 74
{2} coral nail polish
{3} started new Bible study!!
{4} green apples
{5} planting flowers

I definitely have spring fever right now & apparently, I either have allergies or a cold too... I have sneezed so many times today. Yuck. But it has still been a good week!! Mainly because I just started a new Beth Moore Bible study, on James! I am a couple of days into the homework and so far, so good!! It has already shown me a new perspective on Jesus' life & I know I will learn a lot! I love her studies!! Has anyone ever done any of her studies before? Also... I have a couple of really yummy recipes to share soon! One of them is with the green apples & it's amazing!!! Can't wait to share it! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


  1. the book of James is one of my favorites in the NT, and Beth Moore is so amazing, it's gonna be great!
    Are you making that afghan? Oh Sarah, you are so so gifted! It is BEAUTIFUL! Loved your sweet pics.

  2. Sarah, your granny squares are looking so lovely! I'm excited to see the blanket finished! =)

    Oooooo...Sarah! I adore daisies (my favorite flower in fact) and you just introduced me to a new favorite kind. As soon as I saw your Shasta daisies seed packet I googled it and I'm now head-over-heels for them. Please take some pictures once your lovely seeds grow and bloom.

    As always, your cheerful blog makes me smile.

  3. i LOVE the granny squares. you're getting so many done!!
    that nail polish is beautiful, too. and subtle. i like it :)

  4. Lovely colours in your crochet blanket. I really like your nail polish- coral is the big thing here for spring/summer. I might add some into my blanket to give it a bit of oomph :)