Sunday, July 24, 2011

happy birthday grandma!

today would have been my grandma's 73rd birthday! she passed away in 2004, but i still miss her so much & think about her almost everyday! she was so special to me & my whole family...
this is my favorite old photo of her, when she graduated high school... so pretty!

she had songs that she always sang to me & my brother & sister... my song was "you are my sunshine". i remember her singing it to me so many times, even when she was sick. she always called me her sunshine... she was my sunshine! she blessed my life in so many ways & there are so many sweet memories of times with her. those memories are such a special blessing to me now that she is gone...

my grandma dropped & picked us up from school everyday, because we didn't like riding the bus. my grandma watched movies with us & made the best popcorn ever. my grandma loved her "soaps"! my sister & i still watch "days of our lives" because we always watched it with her ( my other grandma watches it with us)! my grandma colored with me on the floor when i was little, we went through many barbie coloring books! my grandma loved going to the mountains for picnics. my grandma loved everything about Christmas; she always went all out & she definitely instilled that in the rest of us! oh... there are so many more i could share... but the best of all is that my grandma loved Jesus so much & she taught me so much about Him!! i am so thankful that she is my grandma!

i love you, grandma!

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  1. Hi Sarah :) I just discovered your blog today and really, really enjoy it. This post really jumped out at me because we just had my Poppy's (grandpa) birthday on November 7th, he passed away a few years back and I miss him so, so much. Everything you said about your grandma was so sweet.