Friday, July 29, 2011

a summer blessing...

...heard "three little birds" by bob marley this morning... such a happy sweet song! :)

oh my, it has been such a busy week... but finally, it is friday & today is the last day of my church's vacation bible school! whew... it has been a lot of fun hanging out with the kids this week... we had 23 kids in our 1st & 2nd grade class... wow! they all listened to the stories (for the most part) & they seemed to have fun! (i hope...)  & we could really tell that many of them worked hard on their memory verses. also, they gave over $200 to the (boys vs. girls) missions offering & that money will go to buy school supplies for poor children in other countries! they seemed happy to give for a cause like that! i just have to say, VBS week is always a tough one... BUT it is such a blessing to see the kids learning about Jesus' love & gift of salvation!! i pray that what they have heard in VBS will stick with them as they get older! Oh Lord, please use this experience to forever touch their lives & thank you for the blessing it brought me!


  1. sarah, i love the changes to you blog. super cute. sweet and simple. thought you should know.

    have a great weekend.

  2. thanks ally! i love it when people notice things like that! :) have a good weekend!

  3. Lovely photos! VBS is always a tough week, but so rewarding as well!