Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pretty white spaces...

i so love the way that white is used to design these spaces... 
it is so bright & crisp!!
& it makes the colors & design details really stand out!!

what an amazingly beautiful high ceiling! oh, i love this space!!
& that couch is really cute!! :)

this little space is designed so perfectly... from muse interiors
& of course window seats are my favorite!!!!   :) :)

these 3 photos are from the interior design portfolio of victoria hagan.
browsing through her portfolio is amazing... how fun her job must be!


  1. love all these spaces! especially that first one. whenever i see stuff like this it makes me want to re-do my whole house! thanks a lot. haha ; )

  2. thanks for sharing. love those.

  3. these are such beautiful spaces. keep finding lovelies and sharing! :)

  4. what a wonderful light filled environment, oh to live in a house like these one day