Sunday, April 3, 2011

over the weekend...

it was a lovely spring weekend! & i got to take some really fun shots!!

around here the trees have just started to grow their pretty little green leaves & i love it!! lately, the weather has been pretty warm & sunny!! however, now as i am typing this, the weather man says we could possibly get 1-3 inches of snow over night... haha! oh well... i can still enjoy these photos!

on friday morning, i got to watch my friend's little boy!! oh my, he is the cutest!! :)

on saturday, we all went to the mountains for a picnic, it was so fun!!
^ my friend, her mom & her cute little guy!

^ me, my sister, & our friend!!

^ nothing like a ride in the back of the truck, in the mountains!

^ he was so cute on this slide... it made him laugh his head off!! so funny!

what a fun weekend!!


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend!
    yeah, we pretty much have to soak up the smidgen of sunshine we get out here. no snow, but the rain feels utterly unending. ugh. c'mon, spring!

  2. >> we ended up getting no snow, but it would be really nice if we could get some of your rain... it has been way too dry & windy here. :(