Tuesday, April 5, 2011

inspired by... a home with vintage charm

i just had to do a little feature on the lovely living room that belongs to rachel from smile & wave!! i love it!! it is simple, but so charming. the vintage details are perfect. & i really love the pops of color up against the white.
i am definitely inspired by these shots! i am sure you will love them too...

i love the big letters on the wall! they make a statement, but the white-on-white makes them very subtle too! also, in rachel's blog post, she talks about how she had a teacher who thought "nice" was a lazy word & wanted her students to use more creative descriptive words... it's funny, because when i was in high school, i had an english teacher who often told us how much she hated when students used the word "nice" in their creative writing... it has always been something that stuck with me, too!! haha!

 head over to rachel's blog post to see more wonderful photos 
& to read all about her home design!


  1. i just LOVE rachel's blog and her hoeme is uhhh-mazing! i need her to come decorate my space ; ) lovely post.

  2. What a lovely looking home. I love how it's not over done but there is a lovely mixture of texture and color.


  3. oh, gah (in a good way)! thanks for sharing---this is EXACTLY what i'm going for right now, in fact i just painted our kitchen a light grey so i can add color with accessories. and will be doing the same for our living room!

    thanks for sharing these, seriously!