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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

dreaming of a european vacation...

i would love to be able to say that i took all of these photos, but i didn't. haha! they were all taken by natasha, in her travels. maybe one day i will make it to each of these places & get to photograph scenes like this for myself, i hope... but even if i don't, these photos are so beautiful, that it's like a *virtual* dream european vacation! i am imagining it all right now... ahh... silly, i know! but aren't they so beautiful?? venice is my most favorite!!








Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new project:

to make a pinhole camera!

{pinhole photo by pin-apple}

a pinhole camera is a really simple, homemade camera! more info here... after looking at the process and seeing some of the photos, it definitly looks like something fun to try!! there is going to be a tutorial all about it on "a beautiful mess" blog! here is part one. these cameras can be made of so many things... the blog showed photos of cameras that were made from a coke can, legos, & even a mr. potato head. haha! and they take really fun and interesting photos!

here is a site with detailed instructions on how to make one out of a matchbox... so fun & it looks pretty easy... i think!! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


taken from an article written by jon foreman

"Maybe truth is not something that I can possess. Maybe truth is something which possesses me."

The "truth" of loving those around me, the "truth" of seeking justice for the oppressed, the "truth" of a life of service -- these are truths to be possessed by: to be a slave in the service of the kingdom of the heavens, to be the servant of all. If the truths in this life have no owner then we are set free: free from the need to defend the truth, free to be possessed by this truth and simply live it out. Truth becomes much too large for me to possess; truth is the beauty and authenticity which possesses me.

article source


God is not a small part of our story, we are a small part of His.

Monday, March 22, 2010

happy spring!

it is officially spring!!! :) & i am definitely feeling like i have more energy than normal, i love it! however... while today is sunny & 70 degrees... tomorrow & wednesday are calling for rain and possibly snow.... i expect this weather in my beautiful state of colorado... but i am still so excited for full on spring time! :) i am starting to see so many bright, flowery, & colorful photos all over flickr... so i can hardly wait any longer!!!! thankfully, these pictures are helping me get through this awkward time in between winter and spring... so, here are some of my spring time flickr favorites. enjoy!

{tulips. by kristine may}
these colors & the light are so beautiful.

& here are the rest of my recent flickr faves!!
{c l i c k h e r e}
to go to them individually and to see who is behind each image!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

stamp collection.

i started spring cleaning yesterday, in my closet... yay!!! i am re-organizing and giving/throwing away. :) i love spring cleaning! anyway, i found an old stamp collection i had from when i was a kid! haha! there was a shoebox, just full of them, that i had forgotten i even had. so, today i was really excited to look at all of my stamps... they are all so pretty and colorful, that i, of course, had to take pictures. they are from all over the world and i just love to look at the designs & where they are from. i think i have a whole new appreciation for things like this, after growing up a little bit and going to school for art. i have a feeling i will be posting a lot more stamp photos...
it has inspired me!

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hello, i am sarah!
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i love Jesus, He is my hope. i want to grow closer to Him everyday. i think this quote by c.s. lewis says it best... “i believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. not only because i see it, but because by it i see everything else."

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