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Saturday, July 25, 2015

tour de compadres... needtobreathe & switchfoot

On Tuesday, my sister, mom and I went to see Needtobreathe and Switchfoot at Red Rocks Amphitheater!!! It was so incredible to see my two favorite bands in such an amazing venue. In order to get up to the amphitheater you have to walk up a couple of steep ramps and several stairs... But it is worth the "work-out" to see the stunning views everywhere you look. There are huge red rocks all around and there are beautiful mountains and the city in the distance. It was amazing to watch the sun set as Switchfoot played. And when Needtobreathe played, after it rained, there was an amazing lightning show right above the stage... SO AMAZING!!

We did some exploring around Red Rocks the next day, so I will share more photos soon...