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Thursday, September 30, 2010

{inspired by} collections + a photo contest!!

i am always inspired by photos of collections! :) there are so many pretty collections out there! i could look at them all day! i have taken many photos of my own collections, like of my stamps, here...
so... all of this thinking about collections gave me an idea!
i have been wanting to try something new on my blog lately...
so, the idea is to have a special themed "show & tell"!
i have seen things like this on other blogs & it's always fun!!
** so, here's the contest**
i would love to see photos of your own collection(s).
arrange your collection in a creative way & take photos. be creative!
& tell us a little bit about your collection.
post the photo(s) to your blog, flickr, whatever...
& share the link with us, in this post's comments!
& as a bonus...
everyone who participates will have a chance to receive a special gift, from me!
(more info on the special gift later...)
i will announce the 5 winners, when the contest is over on October 12th!!
it should be fun... i hope you will join in!

& just to get your creative juices flowing for this contest, here is some beautiful collection inspiration from some of my favorites on flickr... enjoy!

{vintage owl collection} photo by laney butler

they each have such character! what a beautiful collection.

{a photo collection of very charming houses} photos by stacey svendsen
i wouldn't mind living in any one of these... so cute!

{vintage buttons collection} photo by cassia
this photo is for sale in her etsy shop, lola's room
she take lots of "collection" photos & they are all amazing!

{jane austen book collection} photo by tina lee studio
how lovely to have these pretty books...

{yarn collection} photo by elsie*cake
all of the fall-ish colors make for a very pretty collection!
have fun! & let me know if you have any questions!! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

thank you.

i just wanted to say a big thank you to two very special bloggers! :)

today i got a special gift in the mail, that i won from a giveaway on the pretty bee. {be sure to visit her blog, it is so cute!} & the jewelry she makes is amazing... so many cute things! just like this very pretty necklace that i won from one of her giveaways! {it is for sale here + many more really cute pieces... & it is even more beautiful in person}
 & the really cute packaging that it came it...
i had to take a picture of it! :)
thank you so much kelly! i am so in love with the necklace!

also, i didn't post about this earlier {when i got it} but i received three amazing diana prints from eli and toggle. & they are so perfect on my wall! :) thank you so much to eli and toggle!!!! check out her blog too, she takes some amazing photos!
:) so happy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

first day of fall.

it is officially fall.
i am so ready for fall.
it's still been pretty summer-ish around here lately.
but today, today was grey & rainy.
perfect for the first day of fall... & for my mood.
sometimes, i just need a grey, rainy day.
for some reason, it comforts me.
thank you Jesus.
{a couple of fall photos from my archives}

when fall comes i always think of this poem ♥
nature's first green is gold,
her hardest hue to hold.
her early leafs a flower;
but only so an hour.
then leaf subsides to leaf.
so eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day.
nothing gold can stay.
by robert frost

happy first day of fall!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


i have been crocheting granny squares!
they are so cute & fun to make!
not sure exactly what my plan is for them yet...
but i will be adding some other colors, i think...
i have made a few already, i love them!

& this week i started a new Bible study,
with ladies at my church!
this morning, i worked on some of the week's homework
& it has already been a blessing!
i am so excited to see everything that is to come from this!!
i am sure i will be sharing insights, quotes, etc...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{inspired by} emma lamb

when fall approaches, i get so inspired by all things knitted & crocheted... & today, i am loving the vintage-styled crocheted work of emma lamb! she crochets all kinds of very pretty colorful things! i really LOVE her colorful flower garland & her crochet 'granny' cushion covers. she puts together the most amazing color combos in her designs. visit her etsy shop... if you are like me you will want to buy everything! haha!

aren't they all so pretty?!?!

 *even though it is still in the 90s here (ah!!) i have already started knitting. right now, i am knitting a baby hat (& i think i will try some baby booties) for this very special project. {more on that later} also, my cousin is going to be having a little baby girl in November & i have the prettiest soft pink yarn to knit a little baby hat for her! i am more of a knitter than a crochet-er, but seeing these makes me want to crochet! i still need to learn more though... i think, learning the "granny square" would be a fun goal for this fall/winter season! :) if anyone knows of any good/easy crocheting tutorials or patterns, i would love to hear about them! & the best thing is that my grandma is amazing at crocheting/knitting/sewing/etc so i always have a good place to go for help! i am so blessed! :) so, fall, here i come! now if only the weather would cool off a little bit...

walking in the sky...

"the heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of His hands."
-Psalm 19:1

that was one of the verses from Bible study on Sunday morning...
i love the sky. it really speaks of the great beauty of God.
it's so much bigger then we can even understand...
yet it is such a comfort to just sit and take it in...
it is peace. :)
i guess, i have been needing that lately...

{here is the sunset from the other night}

i have been hearing the song "light up the sky" by the afters a lot lately...
i love the words.
"when stars are hiding in the clouds
i don't feel them shining
when i can't see You beyond my doubt
the silver lining
when i've almost reached the end
like a flood You're rushing in
Your love is rushing in"

"you see, there is ground & there is sky.
& we are somewhere in between.
we're walking around in it.
our feet are on the ground, but..."
- from the david crowder band, "a collision" cd booklet
{one of my favorite quotes ever}

 ♥ all photos taken by me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

movie love {my fair lady}

over labor day weekend, i watched one of my most favorite ever musicals, my fair lady, with my mom & sister. i love this movie!! it is so funny... has amazing acting & costume design... & the music is so fun to sing along with!!! & of course, i love audrey!!! :)

{click the picture to view them larger}

here is one of my favorite scenes, with the song, "loverly"... :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend. {balloons}

every year, on labor day weekend, there is a big hot air balloon festival near where i live. over 100 balloons are sent high into the bright blue morning sky! i completely love it!!

so the fun began when we woke up way before the sun & got ready. it takes a hour to drive to the ballooning location from where i live, so we left at around 5:30am. once we got there, we got a cup of hot chocolate, since it was still pretty cold outside! then, we walked around as all the people started setting up their balloons!! then all of a sudden, dozens of balloons were filling with hot air all around us! it is always so amazing. they are so pretty & colorful. definitely worth the early morning!!!

& i don't know for sure, because i have never gone on a hot air balloon ride, but the idea of floating around the sky in a cute basket beneath a big colorful balloon just seems pretty magical, i think. maybe a little scary too.... haha! has anyone ever taken a hot air balloon ride? i would love to hear what it was like?? :)

so anyway, here are my photos from this beautiful day! :)

^ me & my sister, on our way to the park where the balloons take off!

^ my sister, as the balloons are filling up...

^ me & sister, with the balloons all around us!

^ brother, uncle, me & sister! :)

^ pretty ladies, my mom & sister ♥

^ this is one of my favorite balloons, it is there every year! :)

i love all the designs & colors... so many pretty balloons.

^ one of my favorite shots from the day.

happy labor day!