Tuesday, November 19, 2013

snapshots | this fall

Today... I wrapped my Operation Christmas Child shoebox with the cutest Peanuts paper (dollar store buy!!)
And I got started on an extra job that I get to do from home for the next couple of weeks! Thankful that God provides!
Last weekend... celebrated this girl's 3rd birthday! She got a bit embarrassed when we all sang "happy birthday" to her... LOVE that little face!! 
Couple of weeks ago... I got a brand new camera! I am SO thankful for it!! And I got cozy new slippers too!! :)
At the end of October... my mom, sister & I went to Denver for a overnight trip. The leaves were especially beautiful up there! Sadly, it was before I got my new camera, so all I have is these phone shots... But still so pretty!
Our trip to Denver was actually to see Switchfoot! YAY!! We got to see their movie "Fading West" & then a concert... It was an amazing night! Their new CD comes out in December & I have really been looking forward to it... Their new song, "Love Alone is Worth the Fight" is so great!! Have you heard it?? 
Recently... I found cute washi tapes at JoAnn's & I have been inspired by calligraphy (that is my attempt...)!
Last month... I bought my sister a Diamond Candle for her birthday! So fun & the soy candle smells lovely!
Early fall... on an adventure to the nature center, before all the leaves fell off the trees!
While I was without my DSLR... I shot a couple of rolls of film. The first one didn't turn out right & the second I have not developed yet. I am definitely out of practice shooting with film, but I love that old camera!
Lately... enjoying spiced chai tea & beautiful autumn sunsets.

This has been a lovely fall so far, I can hardly believe that it is already coming to an end.
The trees are mostly bare now & the weather is getting colder.
It's okay though, because I am definitely feeling ready for the Christmas season!!

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  1. Hooray for new camera day! I've been really curious about those Diamond Candles. Do you recommend them? Any particular scents?