Friday, November 22, 2013

my thoughts | getting a little bit Christmas-y!!

I love that Thanksgiving & Christmas are so close together. They are my favorite holidays and I believe 
you can celebrate them simultaneously, starting November 1st!! :) Fall decorations are up on the mantle 
& it reminds me that it's all just the beginning... I start enjoying Christmas music & movies right away 
because I think those things should be enjoyed for longer than just one month. However, Thanksgiving 
will never be passed over; Christmas decorations don't go up until after Thanksgiving. 
And I will not go "black friday shopping" on Thanksgiving night
To each his own, but that is the way I like to do things...   :)

Since I have already started listening to Christmas music, I have been inspired by some of the amazing 
words to Christmas songs! So, I decided to use them to create some fun Christmas-y designs!
 These designs are available for sale in my shop, as 8x10 prints! I thought I would post these before
 Thanksgiving, so there would be plenty of time to purchase them for decorating your wall this Christmas! 

Oh, this time of year... the holiday season truly fills my heart with warmth, thanksgiving & joy!  
This season is about a lot of happy little things... the music, movies, baked goodies, twinkle lights, shopping, family traditions, etc... BUT mostly this season is about giving thanks to God for all He has done over the year & it's about celebrating the birth of the Savior- the greatest gift of all & the sole reason for gratitude at Thanksgiving and joy, hope, love & peace at Christmas... and all year long for that matter!!

Yesterday I watched the "Christmas at the Farm" webcast with Ann Voskamp & Liz Curtis Higgs. 
Their messages were a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is really about & how important it is to stay focused on Christ during this season. It can be so easy to get too caught up in everything else, so we have to be intentional about staying focused on Him through it all. I was inspired & I will definitely be getting Ann's new book, The Greatest Gift to read for Advent this season! I love that it is meant to be a devotional for each day of December. Such a lovely way to stay focused on Jesus this season! I am so excited to start it on December 1st!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!

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