Thursday, September 26, 2013

last Rockies game of the season...

Family tradition... Going to a Rockies game for my brother's birthday at the beginning of September!!
(Last year's game was amazing, because my brother got a foul ball!!) This year, the game itself was not
 so good, BUT I did end up being interviewed and put on TV during the 5th inning, so that was... fun!!! Haha! 
Even though the game was not so good, it was a blast to watch #17 play!! This is Todd Helton's last year 
with the Rockies, the team he has been with his whole career. So, knowing that it would be the last time 
I would see him play live was a bit sad. He has always been a favorite!! This game was a big deal because, 
Helton had a chance to get the 2500th hit of his career, so every time he was up to bat the whole crowd 
stood up & cheered. So, that made the game really special, even though we didn't win and he didn't 
get that big hit until the next day... Oh well. It was still a really great day with my family!
And this new family tradition is one of my favorites!

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