Wednesday, September 4, 2013

august recap, in snapshots...

August was a busy month. It got away from me & I didn't blog much... so this is kind of a "catch-up" post, with a collection of snapshots from my phone..... So, here we go!!!

In August... my church had it's VBS! My sister & I taught the 1st & 2nd Grade class, like we do every year. We had a great group of kids! And it was a crazy & fun week, like it is every year! This year, we had the kids give their offering money to Compassion International, which made me so happy, because it is such an amazing Christian organization. 
I took a group photo of the kids in my class to send the the little girl that I sponsor through Compassion, because she is the same age as the kids that were in my class!! So fun!!

In August... I worked very little on my chevorn crochet blanket... I am still hoping to have it done by fall/winter. Fall is just around the corner, so I don't know if I will make it in time. Everyday has still been in the 90s, so it has been hard for me to get in the mood to crochet & knit. However, now that August is over, I am feeling it more & more... Bring on the cooler weather!!!

In August... I began reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I have not finished it yet, because lately I have found it hard to sit down and read... but so far it has really impressed me. I have highlighted a lot! I love the idea of it... being intentionally thankful, everyday, even for small things. True joy comes from taking time to give thanks to God for all that He gives, because He gives SO much!!!

In August... I got a great deal on a new laptop. So exciting!! It has been very helpful for editing a lot of photos that I have been taking recently. I have been editing family photos, engagement photos & plenty of other summer-y photos that I have taken lately. Plus, I have had a couple of other little jobs that it has really helped out with... It is much better than my old desktop. I am so thankful to have it!

In August... I have begun to "teach" myself to play the piano. I really have no clue what I am doing, but I have actually learned a few things & have gotten a bit better just in the last couple of weeks, with the help of a couple of library books & practice! This all started because my mom bought a beautiful antique piano from a thrift shop, that she had been eyeing for a while. It is amazing & it has turned out to be an amazing purchase! My whole family loves it!

In August... I have been enjoying the peak of peach season. Peaches are probably my favorite fruit. 
My go-to breakfast lately has been a sliced Colorado peach with an egg sandwich, simple & perfect.
There have also been peach pies, peach crisp, peach coffee cake... I really can't get enough of peaches!!

In August... I went to the Colorado State Fair. For a few hours in the morning & than a few more at night, I worked with members of my church to give out free water, Bibles & to share about God. It went well, however, it felt like the hottest, longest day of the summer to me. I am not a big fan of the fair anymore, it feels so commercial & everything is so expensive. I still really love the horses though! :)

In August... I went to two Rockies games!! The first game was their "Faith Day" game. After the game there was a concert from David Crowder, which was great! He has always been a favorite of mine!
The other game was for my brother's birthday... It was especially exciting to go to this game, because Todd Helton, who has been with the Rockies for his whole career, was expected to get his 2500th hit!! There was so much excited throughout the whole game, just because of that. Sadly, he didn't get the hit & it was a terrible game... BUT because my sister & I wore our "Helton" shirts to root for him, we were noticed by one of the announcers and she interviewed me & I was on TV.... I still can't believe it!! I feel a little embarrassed by it all, but it was fun too. And Todd got his 2500th hit the next day, so I watched it on TV!

And, after all of that... we have finally reached September! YAY!! I am so happy it is September!
We started off this new month by going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival, which we do every year on Labor Day weekend! It is always one of my favorite traditions! Of course, I have several more balloon photos to share later!

Well, now I am all caught up! Thankful for a so many great times in August & thankful for a new month!
I know I am a bit late, but I hope you all had a lovely August as well!

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