Friday, September 6, 2013

thankful for: colorado wildflowers

Today I am thankful for the presence of pretty little yellow wildflowers. These bright & happy little gifts from the Creator have begun to fill up the usually dry & dull prairies where I live. Seeing them line the roads as I drive by brings a smile to my face. They called out for me to photograph them during "golden hour"... And, of course, I could not resist!!! Any time I am able to capture even the tiniest bit of God's creation, I feel so thankful, blessed, joyful.... This is my small way of being thankful to God for all that He gives. The only reason these photos have any beauty at all is because of what God has given. He gives to us simply because He loves us and He gives abundantly. The least I can do is give Him thanks! All of this beauty is from Him & ultimately for Him. Every day there are little gifts all around us, not because we deserve them, BUT instead to constantly remind us of the love & grace of the Giver.

Slow down & don’t miss what the Creator & Giver has for you each day!

{ Currently inspired by One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp }


  1. Always love how you capture light. :)

  2. Your flower photos are always so stunning! Very ethereal.