Friday, February 1, 2013

february verse + a free printable

Well, today is February 1st...Which, for me, means it's time to choose a new memory verse! 
One of my goals this year is to memorize Scripture. And this year, I am joining Beth Moore's Scripture Memory Team.
With this plan, we choose two Bible verses to memorize each month, on 1st & 15th.
I love that it gives me more time to meditate on each verse & to apply it to my life.
With this plan, I feel like I will do better than I did with last year's Scripture memory! So, I am excited!
(Click the link above to read more about it & to join in, if you would like!)
So, by the end of the year I will (hopefully) have 24 Bible verses memorized. 
I have already memorized two verses for January... My first verse is here. My second is here.
And I thought I would share my third verse today...
I choose this verse because I thought a love-themed verse would be good for this month.
This verse has always been a favorite of mine & I think it is a really important one to memorize.
We could all use a daily reminder to show love to others!! 
And just the thought that love could replace the sin in our lives is so full of hope!
And that is something we all need!! 

For fun, I thought I would make this verse into a FREE printable for you to download!
Click on the image & it will take you to a larger version for you to save to your computer & print for yourself!
(Please Note: This print is for Personal Use ONLY!)

I hope you all enjoy the printable & Happy February!!


  1. so great! I needed this. I have been focusing on loving others recently as well. Perfect verse for this month.

  2. Love it! Great reminder.