Monday, November 7, 2011

seeing stripes...

Lately, I have been loving stripes! & I am so excited because I just finished knitting my first striped hat... & this one is perfect for a baby boy! yay! I love the way it turned out & I've already got another fun design in the works! :)

Here are some more pretty stripes that have inspired me lately....
           j.crew  <<                  >>   wit & whistle

>>  found on pinterest (not sure of the original source, but i love this photo)


  1. I love the last photo :)

  2. those walls are tooo fun!

  3. how amazing is that floor!!

  4. i'm in love with stripes as of late too! that baby hat is adorable.

  5. Oh the striped floor is just fabulous! I also like the striped walls, but I think I like them because of the pretty yellow :]

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