Monday, October 4, 2010

autumn etsy update. part one.

this week i will be adding several new items to my etsy shop!
here is part one.
& to see more info. on each of the items above...

also, i wanted to share a photo from my weekend! on saturday, i helped my grandma with a craft sale she was a part of. & she let me put my jewelry, etc. out! sadly, the sale was not a very big success... i only sold a couple of things, same as my grandma... but we still had fun! we got free fruit drinks from keva juice! also, it was the first day that started to feel a little bit more like fall to me! i wore my sweater most of the day! so that makes me happy! anyway, here is a photo of my grandma sitting at the craft table! thank you grandma, it was a fun day! :)

hope you had a fun weekend!

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  1. love craft shows! & how cute is your grandmomma!

    added your shop as a favorite on etsy!!