Thursday, September 30, 2010

{inspired by} collections + a photo contest!!

i am always inspired by photos of collections! :) there are so many pretty collections out there! i could look at them all day! i have taken many photos of my own collections, like of my stamps, here...
so... all of this thinking about collections gave me an idea!
i have been wanting to try something new on my blog lately...
so, the idea is to have a special themed "show & tell"!
i have seen things like this on other blogs & it's always fun!!
** so, here's the contest**
i would love to see photos of your own collection(s).
arrange your collection in a creative way & take photos. be creative!
& tell us a little bit about your collection.
post the photo(s) to your blog, flickr, whatever...
& share the link with us, in this post's comments!
& as a bonus...
everyone who participates will have a chance to receive a special gift, from me!
(more info on the special gift later...)
i will announce the 5 winners, when the contest is over on October 12th!!
it should be fun... i hope you will join in!

& just to get your creative juices flowing for this contest, here is some beautiful collection inspiration from some of my favorites on flickr... enjoy!

{vintage owl collection} photo by laney butler

they each have such character! what a beautiful collection.

{a photo collection of very charming houses} photos by stacey svendsen
i wouldn't mind living in any one of these... so cute!

{vintage buttons collection} photo by cassia
this photo is for sale in her etsy shop, lola's room
she take lots of "collection" photos & they are all amazing!

{jane austen book collection} photo by tina lee studio
how lovely to have these pretty books...

{yarn collection} photo by elsie*cake
all of the fall-ish colors make for a very pretty collection!
have fun! & let me know if you have any questions!! :)

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  1. Hey, I blogged about my collection. :)