Tuesday, October 19, 2010

lots of giveaways to come....

this week blair from wild & precious, is having a great big reader celebration!! she is offering 3 giveaways every day, starting today! it is definitely something you will want to join in on... there will be so many chances to win so many beautiful things! she is starting out with a giveaway from Sandy a la Mode's very cute shop! {click here to find out more about this giveaway & about the reader celebration}
& i will be offering a giveaway on her blog tomorrow!!!
you will have a chance to win something from my etsy shop!!!
be sure to follow wild & precious, to stay updated on all of these giveaways...

aren't sandy's creations so pretty!?!? i love them.... here's hoping i win!! haha! :)


  1. awww thank you soo much for blogging about my shop and blair's giveaway!! :D you are soo sweet! i cannot wait to see your giveaway!!!!!! :D

  2. Such a nice giveaway you are having over at W&P today and a lovely blog you've got here :)