Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 favorites lately...

{1} fall colors.
this vintage thrifted plate that i spotted on smile & wave
i love the colors... so fall-ish. & the design is so inspiring!

{2} yarn!!
i am obsessed with yarn & knitting lately...
i love this "all-spice" yarn for sale here. so pretty!
i love the flecks of orange... i wish i had this to make a pretty fall scarf! :)
& i love this lace scarf, seen on purl bee.
it is so pretty. i want to make one just like it!
it seems like it would knit pretty fast too... maybe... :)
{3} secretariat
i saw this movie over the weekend. & it was SO good. it's a true story of a race horse, that nobody expected to be a winner, but won the triple crown in 1973. it is such a beautiful story of the horse & the people who loved him & it's also about overcoming the odds! we all love stories like that, right?!?!
it just made me feel good! :) plus, all of the 70s fashion & style was really fun!

{4} taylor!!
what can i say? i love her! :)
taylor swift's new cd came out earlier this week & of course, i downloaded it! i think she is a wonderful young talent! she seems so sweet & down to earth, & it's nice to see a young woman in the spotlight that has more self-respect than so many of them do! i really like the song, "innocent". it's really cute & most of her other songs are really good too! you can download the whole album here, for only $3.99!! (that may only be for a limited time, not sure...)

{5} veggie straws
i am loving these so much lately!!! they are similar to french fries, but they are more healthy for you!! YAY!! they are lightly salted, crispy, & have potato/tomato/spinach flavors. a prefect snack! :) also, i think they have cinnamon apple straws too... yumm... i will have to find some of those!


  1. I love vintage dishes and cookware, so I am in love with that beautiful plate!

    I downloaded Taylor's new album, too, and I think it is amazing! You are so right about her being in the spotlight a positive. :)


  2. I love this post! I wanted to see Secretariat- so glad you liked it. Now I really want to see it!

  3. Love Taylor. Haven't listened to anything else since the CD came in the mail from Amazon! :)