Saturday, September 18, 2010


i have been crocheting granny squares!
they are so cute & fun to make!
not sure exactly what my plan is for them yet...
but i will be adding some other colors, i think...
i have made a few already, i love them!

& this week i started a new Bible study,
with ladies at my church!
this morning, i worked on some of the week's homework
& it has already been a blessing!
i am so excited to see everything that is to come from this!!
i am sure i will be sharing insights, quotes, etc...


  1. Are you studying Ephesians?? That's such a good book!!

  2. Love these photos! Adore the granny squares :)

  3. meli- i am actually in a study of the Fruit of the Spirit, by Beth Moore... so it's opened to Galatians 5:22-23! :)

    carlotta- thank you! :) i spent all weekend crocheting granny squares! haha! i love them!!!

  4. those squares are too cute! can you quilt them together somehow? i think i've seen that.. or a scarf! oh the possibilities! i need to get my yarn out!

    hows your bible study on?

  5. yes, i am going to crochet them together! not sure yet if i am going to make a throw or a scarf... there really are so many possiblities, i love them! :)

    my Bible study of the Fruit of the Spirit is going so well, i love learning so many new things that God has for me... i will probably do a post on it soon, because there are so many inspirational things to share! :)

  6. Cute. Love it. I have always wanted to learn how to crochet.


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