Tuesday, June 3, 2014

photography | colorado hiking

On Memorial Day, my family and I went hiking around the "Garden of the gods" in Colorado Springs, CO. This is always a favorite place to go, because it is beautiful and only an hour from where I live. I love playing tourist in my home state! "Garden of the gods" is such a unique park, because of the many different rock formations and because it is a free park! The man who owned the property agreed to give it to the city in the early 1900s as long as it would be a free public park. I think that is such a wonderful and rare thing these days. If you are ever in the area this is something to check out.
Beautiful Pikes Peak, with a little bit of snow... the view just doesn't get better than this, if you ask me! 
This was such a prefect day!! After a long winter, I needed a day of being out in nature and sunshine!
Now I am so excited for summer time adventures with my favorite people!

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