Tuesday, May 27, 2014

memorial day weekend, part one

It may not be official, but I feel like summer has arrived!!
I am wearing shorts and sitting outside, as I type this. Flowers are everywhere. I watch baseball almost everyday. Summer plans are being made. Yay Vacation!!! And, this morning I hung my sheets on the clothes line to dry in the fresh air and sunshine... There are so many things to love about summer time! 
I had a full and lovely Memorial Day weekend. Lots of  sweet memories were made! On Sunday afternoon, I went to a wedding shower for a friend of mine. It was a perfect backyard bridal shower celebrating a beautiful bride-to-be. 
I am really happy for her and so excited for her wedding in September! 
So, here are a few photos from my friend's shower (part one of my holiday weekend)...
For the shower, I used some of my vintage doilies & hankies to decorate the tables. It is simple, but I thought it gave the tables a little something special, in addition to the flowers. 
And there was a candy bar (!!!!!) which the maid-of-honor put together! I loved how she decorated it with lights and bandannas. It was such a fun and cute wedding shower! :)

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  1. You take such lovely pictures of flowers, Sarah!

    I am glad you had a nice time at the shower.