Friday, March 29, 2013

inspiration: easter eggs

I love Easter! I love the meaning most of all, but I also love the springy colors & of course, dying Easter eggs!
So, I thought I would share a few favorite Easter egg ideas that have inspired me this year!
There are so many ideas out there from Martha Stewart to Pinterest, but here are my three favorites...
I think my top favorite idea is naturally dyed Easter eggs! I think these colors are much prettier than what comes in the old dying kits & I am very curious about trying this out! {Click here to see more...}

I also love the way these farm fresh brown eggs look with just the white paint pen designs. 
You could really get creative, but still keep the eggs simple & pretty. {Click here to see more...}

And my last favorite pick... hand-painted floral patterns are so perfect on Easter eggs.
I love these bright, happy colors and nothing is more spring-y than flowers!!

And because it is spring & the flowers are starting to bloom... I thought I would share a link to an article that I recently read about flowers & the perfect love that they truly represent... 
It was really worth the read for me, so maybe it would be for you too!


  1. gorgeous eggs! I wish I had the time to make some this year (although I say that every year ;) )

  2. These are all so pretty! We tried natural dyes one year and they were not too pretty...maybe we'll try it another time.

  3. Oh, how amazing and creative. I love the naturally dyed ones the best too! So pretty :)
    Happy Easter, Sarah!

  4. So beautiful! I really love the blueberry dyed egg. Hope you had a lovely Easter!