Friday, October 26, 2012

snapshots from lately...

I love collecting little pieces of fall! This time of year is almost over, so I am really soaking it in! 
All week I have been enjoying cute pumpkins, yummy apples, cider & farm fresh eggs from a local farm that I went to last weekend! 

Yesterday, I used some of the apples to make crockpot applesauce! Yumm! I will share my recipe soon!

We got our first snow last night & even though it's melted now, I am definitely in the Christmas mood...
So, yes, I have started listening to Christmas music on Pandora... maybe it's a bit early, but I can't help it!! :)

Last weekend, my family had a little movie, candy, popcorn night & we watched one of our favorites, The Arisocats!! That movie is so 
nostalgic for me... we always watched it with my grandma! Plus, there is nothing like the old Disney animation, it is so cute!

PS. I am loving Pumpkin Spice Kisses!!

Snapshots via Instagram
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  1. Lovely snapshots, Sarah. Those pumpkin spice kisses look sooo good! :9 Love the Arisocats while growing up, it's one of my favorite childhood movies EVER. And yes, I am more than eager for the Christmas season to get here too. ;)

    ~Hope you have a lovely day!