Wednesday, October 17, 2012

snapshots from lately...

I look forward to October every year! Of course, because it's fall & everyone loves fall!! 
But also because it's a month of celebrating... It is full of birthdays (my mom, sister, grandma & more...) 
plus, my grandparents anniversary. Also, it definitely feels like the beginning of the holiday season. 
So, basically October through December is my favorite time of the year!!

Saturday was my mom's birthday! We had plans to go apple picking & on a drive to see fall leaves, 
but the weather was not so great for that, so we ended up going out to lunch & to the art center to check out
 their current exhibits. It ended up being a wonderful day with my mom, sister & grandma! On Saturday night, 
I started feeling like I was getting sick & now I have a full-blown cold... that is not such a fun thing about 
this time of year, but oh well.

I am loving my new yellow nail polish! I have tried yellow a couple times before & it was never the right
 shade or it painted on unevenly. This yellow, called The Perfect Trench by L'oreal, is the perfect shade of a
muted mustard & it painted on smooth. I think it will be one of my favorites this fall!

The leaves are at their peak beauty right now!! I was driving downtown today & the trees that lined the 
street were covered in golden leaves. The wind was blowing the leaves through the air & the way the sun hit 
them as they flew made them look so magical. It was like a little piece of heaven! God is so good!!!

All of these "snapshots" are via Instagram. Follow me @ sarah_brightside. 


  1. Oh! Lovely pictures, Sarah!

    I saw the tissue box and Ricola and thought, "Oh no! She must have a cold." Which, was confirmed in the body of your post. I hope you feel better soon!

    That nail polish is cute! Thanks for sharing the details of it. I think it might be a great shade for my younger sister to try.

  2. Your photos always compliment each other. This makes me really want to get outside and do some fall activities.