Wednesday, October 10, 2012

snapshots from lately...

new fall-ish nail color, revlon raven red  ///  currently reading "the magic of ordinary days" by ann howard creel

favorite lunch lately: grilled cheese with tomato, chicken noodle soup & of course, candy corn.

my cute doggie, after getting groomed  ///  she loves when i share goldfish with her

this is a watercolor that my mom recently painted. it is so good, especially since it is one of her first.

time to start watching heartland, season 5  ///  goodies from the library

i love this beth moore quote from bible study  ///  items that a missionary to thailand shared with my church on sunday

Life has been good! Thank you Jesus, it's all from You!!!

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  1. Lovely snaps... I love candy corn, just wish you could get it in Australia

  2. Love everything. Especially Jane Eyre and the grilled cheese! xo. Deanna

  3. Your mom is talented!