Friday, September 14, 2012

snapshots from lately...

Sunrise... I find such joy in God's amazing creation!! I will never get over taking photos like this! 

Shots from Denver (a couple of weeks ago).

My grandma brought me a treat at work one day this week... thank you grandma! 
And... cute little Ren wearing her new dresses!

I was at the train depot this week for a senior photo shoot. Love the trains!

Love these new vintage cups!! My sister got me the one on the left.

The best way to spend a chilly fall morning... Bible study. Chamomile. Fall candle glowing. Classical music on Pandora.
And, of course, baking (& eating) soft molasses cookies (recipe here)!!

This week we definitely had a cold front come through. We even got rain! Wow!
I was actually able to wear a scarf! Fall must really be on it's way! 


Snapshots via Instagram
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I hope you all have a great weekend!
I have something special planned!!!
But, more on that later...


  1. Great sunrise capture

  2. Awesome photos, Sarah! Can't wait until it begins to get really chilly outside. ;)

    Take care!

  3. Ahhh Fall! Yay!!! ;-) pictures look great and looks like a beautiful fall day.

  4. so ebautiful photos! :D love fall!