Thursday, September 20, 2012

mornings in pagosa springs...

Every morning that we were in Pagosa Springs, my sister & I woke up early to walk around the lake & take in the beauty all around us! I have become more of a morning person, because there is something so special about this time of day... especially in early fall & in such a stunning setting!! 

There was so much to soak in & to photograph... 
Glimpses of fall. Cold, crisp air. Morning mist on the lake. Dew drops on plants. Golden beams of sun. Mountain back drops. Geese flying overhead. Everything was just magical!!
And of course, after our walks, I would come inside, sit in the window seat & enjoy a hot cup of tea!
Oh... it was a perfect weekend!! :)

{still more photos to come...}


  1. What beautiful pictures!! I love the light in them!!

  2. Oh wow, what gorgeous photos. This place looks beautiful x x x x x