Tuesday, August 21, 2012

snapshots from lately

Found these amazing colored pencils & the cute notepad at TJ Max! 

I love the back of my new sweater that I got for $7! Yay!!

Wearing my ring that I got in Mexico in 2006.

Love this cutie!! She is my favorite!! :)
My sister & little Ren! 

Favorite old photos of my grandmas!
Listening to Frank Sinatra on Pandora, while cleaning the house!

These almonds are one of my favorite snacks!!
Saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"... really cute!

Peaches from my grandparent's tree!
My daily vitamins... so thankful for gummies! 

Just a few shots via Instagram!
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  1. I love those pencils, and of course, gummy vitamins. :-)

  2. What a gorgeous ring! How do you like the pencils? I've always wanted to try them.