Saturday, May 19, 2012

snapshots from my week...

... A pretty sunset.

... Peach roses in the front yard!

... Me & my doggie!

... Picked a few wildflowers!

... Loving gummi bears lately!

... Processing from a 1st birthday party! Cute!!

... Finished the first side of my pillow! 

... I love sweet potato fries!

... While cleaning out my closet, I found my heart sunglasses!

... Played tennis this week & had the courts to ourselves!

... Got beautiful prints in the mail from Laney Butler! Love them! 

... Take-out from one of my favorite restaurants!

... Jane Austen movie night!! Loved it!! :)


  1. lovely pictures :D love the first one!

  2. How was that version of Northanger Abby? I haven't read that Jane Austen before. Was it a good rendition of the book?