Monday, May 7, 2012

snapshots from lately...

{{  Life Lately via Instagram  }}

1 & 2.  i got to see my favorite little girl, such a sweetie!!
3 & 4.  morning walks with my doggie.
5.  my bright striped t-shirt.
6.  ham & egg breakfast sandwich, yumm.
7.  a giant lemon!!
8.  floral pattern towel from Ikea.
9.  why can i never resist buying more yarn?
10.  progress on my crocheted pillow (for my new bedding).
11.  granny-square garland, for sale in my etsy shop.
12.  lots of inspiring library books!
13 & 14.  trip to the garden center...
15.  planting basil for the first time, so excited!
16 & 17.  planting pretty flowers.
18.  it was time to watch Pride & Prejudice... again.
19 & 20.  i love a rainy day... thank you Jesus!

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  1. That ham and egg sandwhich looks amazing. I love library books, so inspiring. You and that little girl look so sweet in that picture!