Tuesday, January 10, 2012

movie inspiration: BBC's Emma...

Over the past few months I really enjoyed reading Emma by Jane Austen! It was definitely bittersweet when I finished it. But one of the best parts about finishing it was that I could finally allow myself to watch BBC's version of Emma (2009)!! I haven't seen either of the other versions (with Kate Beckinsale or Gwyneth Paltrow) & I am glad, because there was just something about this Emma that seemed to fit the book best, at least to me! 
I believe that Romola Garai did a perfect job at capturing the spirit of Emma. At some points, Emma is not very like-able, but the way Romola portrays her, I could not help but love her! Of course, I got that she was a bit spoiled & selfish, but I also saw an innocence & warmness that I believe is a very important part to the character that Jane Austen wrote. I loved to watch Emma grow & learn about her own heart, from beginning to end. 
Mr. Knightley was played by Jonny Lee Miller and Mr. Woodhouse was played by Michael Gambon. They both did a great job at playing two of Jane Austen's best characters. I really loved to see each of their relationships with Emma. 
Emma was a beautiful mini-series, that I know I will enjoy watching again & again! 
Have you seen this version? What did you think?


  1. love this!!! i love all the bbc movies from this era. i wish i lived back then!

  2. i have never seen this version, but i love johnny lee miller, so i will have to check it out!

  3. I thought about you the other day actually because I visited Bath - I was in Jane Austen heaven! I haven't seen this version of Emma but it's now on my list!