Monday, June 28, 2010

through my camera lens {recently}

here are several photos that i have taken over the past week, that i haven't shared yet... plus a little fun from my weekend! :) happy monday!

mini cupcakes {yumm}

picnic ♥

 my sister.

my brother & his new colorado rockies hat!! :) GO ROX!

after the picnic we played frisbee!!!!

after our picnic & frisbee, we went to a saturday evening church service with my uncle, where he lives. it was a large church {i am very used to small churches} but the music & sermon were really good & encouraging for me! :) it was a good weekend! i am so thankful!


  1. Such adorable photos, lovely feel to them! Those strawberries look gorgeous!

  2. Love 'em Sarah ... such happy photos :)

  3. Okay wow. You're great at photography and I LOVE the name of your blog. SO cute!