Friday, June 18, 2010

an all-american weekend!

i have such an fun, all-american, summer-y weekend ahead of me!! yay!!! i can't wait for it to begin!

first up... the drive-in.
i love these drive-in photos! so vintage & cute!

this one is my favorite haha!!

{all of these photos are from google images}

for the last few years, it has become a tradition to see Disney/Pixar movies at the drive-in, every summer. a couple years ago i saw Ratatouille, last summer i saw Up, and this summer it is Toy Story 3. i love Disney/Pixar movies! & i love the drive-in!
disney ♥

& then it's time for the american pastime!
source: sweet tooth fairy yumm!

i love the peanuts!

i will be going to watch my favorite team ever, the colorado rockies play baseball!
yay! i can't wait!!

it is summer time & it's going to be a fun all-american weekend!!
hope you all have a lovely weekend too!


  1. Oh my gosh you're going to have the best weekend!

    I want to go to a drive in real bad now!! How fun :]

  2. Oh MY GOSH! You have a drive in near you? I am so jealous! I wish I were where you are! I hope you post pictures. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend.


  3. CUTE HEADER!! One of the cutest ones I have come across. I'm jealous of your weekend. I love the drive-in. I hope you had a good time.

  4. haha your favorite vintage ad for candy was in the movie Grease! that's what I remember it from!

    cute post and I hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Thanks everyone! :) the drive-in is so nostalgic, huh?!?! :) i am so glad there is one where i live!! one of the best things about summer!

    & Kaleena J.- thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog header! :)