Tuesday, February 10, 2015

home | a handmade quilt

Don't you love a pretty, handmade quilt?  It is cozy and warm and a piece of art!
For Christmas, I got a new quilt, handmade just for me, by my grandma!! My grandma is an 
amazing seamstress and she has been making quilts for each of us lately. My brother got one
for Christmas 2013, I got mine for Christmas 2014 and she is working on one for my sister
 right now! It is such a blessing to have a grandma that is as talented and loving as mine!! :)

For my quilt, I got to be very involved in the process and that made it even more special. 
I got to choose my pattern and I got to go shopping with my grandma to pick out fabrics!
I decided to go with blues and yellows because I wanted it to complement the duvet cover
I already have. It was so fun going through the process of beginning with a vague idea of
what it would become to what it is now, finished and laying on my bed. And now that it 
is on my bed, I can't imagine my bed without it... Such a special gift!!!

Also, in the new year, I re-styled this little corner in my bedroom. I got a couple of new things 
that I wanted to use and I love the way it came together. Freshening up this little space in my 
room was a simple thing to do that was really good for me in the new year! 

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