Friday, February 3, 2012

pretty plants + more granny squares...

Succulents & my Orchid, which just bloomed! Yay!!
My smaller orchid will be blooming soon too... I can't wait!
Granny Square Update:
I have 35-40 granny squares done! I just added in a really pretty yellow 
& a dusty pink. I love them! Here are my recent favorites...

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your plants are so beautiful! All of mine die within a week b/c I forget to water them! Ha! I definitely DON'T have a green thumb!

  2. wow those flowers are amazing!! you grow them in your house?

  3. seeing these granny squares makes me wanna go crochet. love the colors.


  4. Love those pretty succulents! And congrats to your lucky photo winner. Was hoping I could have been the lucky one. :)

    Hope you're staying warm with all this snow!