Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dear spring: please come soon!

i know there is plenty more winter weather to come where i live...
but yesterday the weather was so sunny & beautiful!
it has been a wonderful little taste of spring...
& it's definitely got me excited for spring to get here soon!
i am ready...

i am ready for more bright spring flowers, like these:
^ orange tulips ttv 8x8 photo print

i am ready to get outside more & bike ride or play tennis...
& just feel the fresh air!
{i love this photo of audrey, so cute!}
spotted this on the rides a bike... blog

& i am ready for pretty spring clothes...
i love the colors & florals!

so, here is my casual spring look:
spring 1

& here is my dress-y spring look:
(this would be perfect for easter...)


  1. Agreed!! I am ready for Spring!! I think it comes a little sooner in my part of the world, but winter has still seemed much too long!!

  2. amen! i am sooooo ready for spring!!

  3. I'm definitely ready for spring! I love the outfits you made up!

  4. I am in love with both of your spring fashion looks (that leather bag is fabulous!). The tulips are so gorgeous! It is going to be 60 here tomorrow (the 45, but we wont think about that) - spring is on the way!

  5. What lovely inspiration boards! Love the ring on your dressy board and the cardi on your casual board. And Audrey Hepburn?! She could have worn a gunny sack and looked fabulous. Such a great photo of her and pup!