Tuesday, January 4, 2011

resolution: read more books.

i don't have a set list of "new years resolutions", but i would say that one of them is to read more!
reading makes us grow & learn! it definitely should be an important part of our daily lives!
i love to read! ♥

here's what i am currently reading:

i got the lost memoirs of jane austen by syrie james from the library recently, because i love jane austen! i wasn't sure what it was all about, but since i started reading it, i have been loving the story!
(i am about halfway through) it is a "historical fiction" about jane's life, love, & writing. it is really fun to learn more about her, through a light-hearted fictional story!

the other book i am loving right now is more last-minute knitted gifts by joelle hoverson of the purl bee. a current goal for me is to be able to successfully knit from reading patterns. in the past, i have only done the basic knit & purl stitches straight through to make a simple scarf or hat. i really want to learn how to do more interesting stitches! which is why i am so excited that my mom got me this book for christmas! it has tons of beautiful projects, for all skill levels, that are broken up into chapters based on how long they will take. i have already started a scarf from the book, called the "big lace scarf". it repeats 4 rows, so the pattern is pretty easy! i am not always good at keeping track of where i'm at, but it has gone pretty good so far. :) here is a picture of the project i am working on now! it's so pretty!

another one of my big goals for this year is to read something from the bible everyday! i often use our daily bread, because it gives a short devotional along with a verse & additional scripture you can read too! i like that it is short, because then i can try to meditate more on the selected verse(s). & i can take it one day at a time! also, i will be starting a new beth moore bible study on daniel, later this month & i always grow so much through reading her studies, so i am excited for that! :)

there are so many great things to read out there!
what are you reading right now?


  1. Always reading the Bible...and I'm always trying to read more...but that doesn't always happen. So I guess that's a resolution for me too!

  2. The scarf is lovely! I would love to learn to knit to make my own cozy items (and ones to share of course)

  3. I just love the color of that knitting project you are working on.

    I too heart Jane Austin.

  4. i like your goal of learning to read knitting patterns. i've let myself stagnate as a "beginner" for far too long - i need to get over my fear of patterns! :P

    thanks for the inspiration.