Saturday, January 1, 2011

hello 2011!

^ photo print by erin jane. for sale on etsy.
i can't believe another year has come & gone...
there is so much to reflect on & so much to be thankful for.
i have said it before on this blog, & i will say it again...
i am truly blessed!
2010 was a good year!
i had many special memories...
& i really believe that i have grown in my faith!
for that i am most thankful! :)
however, to be totally honest, 2010 did have few hard times for me...
& this new year is starting off with a lot of the same uncertainties & challenges from last year... however, one thing that i tried to really focus on in 2010 is how important it is to have faith & joy, no matter what life's circumstances are! there is a beautiful quote, from a wonderful devotional book called, "Springs in the Valley", that really sums it up best...
"there is a joy that is attained and another joy that is given. the first joy needs things to make it joy- congenial circumstances, attentive friends... the second joy, joys because it is filled with a bubbling spring of internal and eternal gladness- a gladness because it is always in God and God is always in it. it glows and grows under all circumstances- it sings because it is a song."
that quote has always had so much meaning to me!
there was also a Bible verse that meant a lot to me in 2010...
"in THY presence is fullness of joy" ♥ psalm 16:11
it is simple, but i believe that is what makes it so perfect!
through that simple & perfect verse,
i know that no matter what may come in 2011...
God is my Joy, always!
happy new year!


  1. what a wonderfully positive sentiment to begin the new year with! I hope you have a blessed 2011!

  2. Happy New Year, Sarah! Very inspiring!