Tuesday, December 14, 2010

over the weekend: living nativity!

every year my church has a very special "living nativity" with kids & teens playing mary, joseph, the angels, the kings, & the shepherds... plus we have live animals too!! donkeys, goats, sheep, & so on... (we usually have camels too, but due to a complication with that this year, we had llamas instead.) it's always a lot of fun! so, here are some photos from our living nativity... :)
me & my sister, wearing our warm boots & scarves!
the nativity scene! ♥ aren't they cute??
here is me & my sister with one of the cute llamas! so fun!
we did 6 performances, on two nights, & everyone loved it! the second night was much colder than the first, but overall it went really well & the kids did such a great job! it was hard work for a lot of the people in my church, but it was also such a joy to be a part of! :) after all, this scene represents why we truly celebrate Christmas! :)

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