Sunday, July 18, 2010

over the weekend...

...i received a lovely card & the prettiest yellow scarf in the mail, from michelle elisabeth!!!

i won a giveaway on her blog, thymely thoughts, because i participated in one of her amazing photography challenges!! if you have never visited her blog, you really should! i have shared about her on my blog before, because she really is an amazing photographer & such a sweet person! :) thanks again, michelle!! the scarf is so beautiful!! i love love love the design & the yellow! :) i can't wait to wear it!

& in the mean time, it has inspired me to take pretty photos... love♥

i hope you all had a splendid weekend!! i sure did. :)

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some of my prints are currently priced down to 50% off! YAY!!
this will be for a limited time only... so now is the time!


  1. That is an adorable scarf! Have I mentioned my love for scarves? I can never have enough. :)

  2. so bright & cute!
    btw, i've linked to your site on my blog :) i've been reading your entries for a little while and really liking them!

  3. Kaleena J.- :) no such thing as too many scarves!!!

    whollyafool- i am glad you have enjoyed my blog! & thank you SO MUCH for linking to my blog!!! :)

  4. You really brightened my morning, I ADORE the photographs with the pearls and vintage camera and am so happy to have aided in the inspiration!